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Every Moment Matters

Bluffton-Harrison MSD has undertaken an initiative to review and redefine grading and learning practices across all schools. In Fall 2022, a targeted effort was made to engage stakeholders in a survey aimed at gathering insights into existing grading and learning practices. This provided a foundation for understanding the diverse perspectives within the community.

Moving into Winter 2022, the district actively sought external expertise by consulting with educational researchers. Simultaneously, faculty members engaged in self-study efforts, contributing to an in-depth examination of current practices. This dual approach aimed to gather both theoretical insights and practical perspectives, fostering a holistic understanding of the issues at hand.

Spring 2023 marked a crucial phase in the process, with the district dedicating time to thoroughly review the survey results and facilitate discussions. This collective reflection helped identify key areas for improvement and set the stage for determining the next steps to be taken across all schools.

During the 2023-2024 academic year, the district formed a committee to develop draft belief statements that align with the core values, policies, and practices within BHMSD. The efforts of the committee signify a forward-thinking approach, while emphasizing the importance of integrating newfound insights and stakeholder perspectives into the foundational principles that guide grading and learning throughout the district. The collaborative efforts undertaken in this process underscore the district's commitment to fostering an educational environment that is responsive, inclusive, and reflective of the evolving needs of its community.

At BHMSD, "Every Moment Matters." We affirm our dedication to achieving excellence, upholding integrity, and serving the community.  This principle guides us in creating an educational environment where every moment contributes to the development of well-rounded individuals.

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