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HS Improvements Project

Bluffton High School first opened for the 2000-2001 school year, and our school community has been blessed over the past two decades with a great high school to serve our older learners. Throughout the building’s lifespan, our school has experienced moisture issues throughout the last ten years. Some of this stems from how the windows were originally constructed. Moisture issues have also led to roof repairs and deterioration of entrance canopies and moisture penetration through the building walls. BHMSD administration has spent time throughout 2023 reviewing options to address these concerns to ensure our high school remains an educational environment to best serve our school community, leading to the building envelope project.

At the October 2023 school board meeting, Elevatus Architecture provided renderings of what planned upgrades at Bluffton High School might look like. Not only will the wall panelings repair current moisture issues on the building’s exterior and prevent future issues, but they will provide a new look to the building.

The proposed wall paneling system, pictured here, has a 10-year warranty. It is made out of a thick aluminum and coated with Kynar paint, which has a 30-year life span.


To fund the project — which will also include the replacement of chiller and boiler units — BHMSD pursued a $10 million bond. The district has tax rate capacity beginning in 2024 and additional capacity in 2028 to mitigate the tax impact to taxpayers for the proposed building envelope project.

To learn more about the bond process, please review the information provided in the “Important Documents” menu.