Medication Policy

Bluffton-Harrison MSD
Medication Administration Policy and Procedure

 It is the policy of the Bluffton-Harrison Metropolitan School District that all children's medication be administered by a parent or guardian at home. Under exceptional circumstances, however, medication may be administered by authorized school personnel.

Procedure: If it is determined that a child needs to take a medication while he or she is at school or attending a school function, the guidelines listed below will be followed:

  1. No medication, prescription or non-prescription shall be administered to a student without the written and dated consent of the student's parent/guardian.
    1. The written consent will include, but is not limited to, the following information: The Name of the Student, the Name of the Medication, the Dosage to be given, the Time for medication to be given, a Start and Stop date for administration, and Signature and Date of the Parent/Guardian.
    2. Consent forms are available from the school nurse, office, or via BHMSD website.
  2. All prescription medication must be accompanied by a physician's prescription, a copy of the original prescription, or a pharmacy label.
  3. A physician prescription is need for over-the-counter medications which are not advisable for children.
  4. All medication, prescription and non-prescription, must be in the original labeled container. Under no circumstance will a medication sent in a plastic bag with a note be administered to a student.
  5. Parents/guardians are advised to bring the medication to the school nurse's office. A student is allowed to bring a medication to the school, but the school will not be liable for lost of stolen medication that is brought to the school by a student or those medications that are carried by a student.
  6. Students in preschool through grade 8 are not allowed to transport medication FROM school. A parent or guardian must pick up the medication from school, OR authorize in writing a person 18 or older to pick up the medication and bring it home. Students in grades 9 through 12 will be allowed to transport medications home ONLY if the student's parent/guardian provides written permission stating such.
  7. Students who need to carry and/or administer their own medication such as asthma inhalers, bee sting injections, or other medications must have a dated and signed permission slip from both the physician and the parent/guardian.